How to create artwork?

You can create artwork using one of the following methods:
  • Use our free online Artwork Creator tool - This is a quick method of creating simple artwork with no computer skills and no need to install software. Just click the link and start creating. You can upload your logo, add clip art, add text, and position everything in a drag-and-drop environment.
  • Use a professional graphic designer - This will achieve the most professional result.
  • Use Microsoft Paint, or your computers built in design software - If you are not fond of our online Artwork Creator then use your computers built in graphic design software. It will be initially more difficult to use, but has some more capabilities.
  • Buy Adobe Photoshop or other professional design software - If you want to have a go yourself at using professional design software then we recommend Adobe Photoshop. Download yourself a free trial of Adobe Photoshop.
All artwork needs to be in high res rasterized PDF format with no guidelines or template marks. If you cannot provide a high res rasterized PDF save as a jpg in the highest resolution you can.

A6, A5, A4, A3
Business Card
A6, A5, A4, A3
Business Card

Artwork Guidelines

  • Your artwork must be flattened containing raster or vector(line) data only.
  • All artwork needs to be in high resolution rasterized / vector PDF format with no guidelines, template marks, transparencies or font data text.
  • If provided otherwise some content may be lost.
    • If you cannot provide a PDF as specified or are in any doubt, please save as a JPEG image in the highest resolution you can.
    • The recommended resolution for images is 300dpi
  • Printed artwork usually appears darker than when displayed on screen. This is particularly true on dark prints and it is advisable to lighten your artwork slightly and/or request a hardcopy proof print.
  • Only upload FINISHED artwork – not drafts or tests, due to our fast turnaround can be submitted. We often print within MINUTES of the upload. Your artwork cannot be changed once submitted.
  • Artwork must allow a 3mm bleed area and text must be at least 3mm from any cut line.
  • Please remove guide lines from final artwork otherwise they may be visible in the final prints. Crop marks outside the print area may be used to aid alignment.
  • To ensure a quality print it is recommended that no part of the print exceeds a colour value over 300% of CMYK. This is particularly important for black print areas.
  • For example,
    • 60% Cyan(C), 60% Magenta(M), 60% Yellow(Y) and 100% Black(K) create a black colour with a total value of 280% which is ideal for print
    • 100% Cyan(C), 100% Magenta(M), 100% Yellow(Y) and 100% Black(K) create a black colour with a total value of 400% which is NOT ideal for print.
    Any artwork over the 300% rule risk being a little oversaturate with the loss of detail.
    We cannot make any alterations to the colour balance in your artwork, this needs to be accounted for in your artwork design. If you are unsure or your prints are particularly dark please request a hard copy print proof to check your final output.

Artwork Proofs

Proofs of your artwork are available on request once you have placed your order online.
  • Electronic LAYOUT proofs are free of charge and will cause minimal delay to your order
  • Printed HARD COPY colour proofs are available and will delay your order by a number of days. The first print proof is free of charge, additional print proofs are chargeable.
Please request these in the "notes regarding your order" field as you checkout, i.e. before artwork is uploaded. Requests made for proofs after artwork submission cannot be guaranteed.

Colour Matching

We do not offer colour matching. All jobs can expect some variance to what you see on screen or home test print. Please request a hard copy print proof to check and adjust colour matching if required.

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